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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't login to the employee portal?
  • Be sure you are typing the correct password on the portal login page (your network login).
  • Remember...
    • passwords are case sensitive.
    • check if the caps lock key is on.
    • you must log into the portal to access your GroupWise link.
    • portal and GroupWise passwords are not always the same.
What is that too short, weak, good, strong thing on Step 2?
  • As you meet more of the following recommendations, the stronger your password becomes:
    • at least one lowercase
    • at least one uppercase
    • at least one number OR a symbol
    • at least 6-20 characters
Where can I see my employee ID number?
  • If your password has not expired, log into the portal and you will see your employee ID number on the first page after login.
  • If your password has expired, please call the helpdesk for assistance at 281-284-HELP(4357).
What if I don't have an employee ID number?
  • If you are a contract employee, please call the helpdesk for assistance at 281-284-HELP(4357).
Why do I get a "A value is required." error message on Step 2?
  • If you receive this error and try to submit, you will also receive a "Validation Token is Required" error. To resolve the issue, start the process over and re-verify your account. If the error continues, please contact the help desk at 281-284-HELP(4357).
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